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Rapid Creditor Analysis

Careful analysis is necessary when making any major decision for your business. Before establishing credit relationships with other companies, it is crucial to determine if they bring any level of risk to your firm. Gain insights into the past credit history and payments of commercial suppliers, prospects, and customers with in-depth business credit reports from Altus Global Trade Solutions.

What Is in a Business Credit Report?

Business credit reports help your company review the previous financial history of potential commercial customers. These reports help your team make an informed decision about whether to extend a line of credit to a prospective company or to even establish a financial relationship with them. Altus Business Credit Reports can contain a wealth of information, such as:

  • Trade date
  • Credit risk score
  • Full credit reports
  • Credit limit recommendation
  • Monthly and quarterly trends
  • Public record data

By covering a range of key data points, business credit reports help predict how the company in question will handle future financial obligations based on their credit history. Your company can consult this report to decide if a partnership will help or hurt business.

Business Credit Reports to Increase Financial Opportunity

Smart decisions begin with smart analysis. At Altus, our business credit report data is compiled from reputable credit reporting agencies to ensure you are receiving accurate, comprehensive data. With access to the most popular commercial data and analytics, you will gain better insights resulting in healthy credit decisions that increase opportunity and mitigate risk. Our business credit reports can power profitable relationships by giving high-level insights about your potential customers before conducting business with them. Running a business credit report may also decrease the risk of future collections recovery since you can assess how the company has handled previous debts (if any).

Accessible and Affordable Business Credit Reports

At Altus, our business credit report services are transparent—purchase only the reports you need with no sign-up charge, annual subscriptions, or required minimum purchase. We work with you to create a customizable payment plan with possible discounts and prepaid packages.

Once you have chosen the best credit report solution for your business, we make sure the information is up-to-date and accessible 24/7. Your report’s data is pulled directly from the credit bureau, so nothing has been changed. We even offer a mobile app that gives you on-the-go access to your reports from your Altus client portal. This allows you to view, purchase, download, print, and share your reports at any time. During the monitoring period, you will also receive alerts and updates to your reports.

Business Credit Reports Customized to Your Industry Needs

We know different industries and businesses have various needs, so we offer more than just a “one-size-fits-all” business credit report. Businesses seeking commercial credit information can choose from a number of reports from Altus. Our most popular report options are listed below.

  • PRO reports feature a business’s complete credit picture compiled from industry-leading credit intel and trade data.
  • Profile Plus contains background information, credit risk score, full credit report, and trade data.
  • Score condenses risk score, credit limit recommendation, and monthly and quarterly trends into a streamlined format.

If you are unsure which business credit report plan to choose, our credit professionals can recommend one that best aligns with your business preferences.

Request a Business Credit Report

Reduce credit risk and empower your financial decisions with the right business credit report. View our one-pager to learn more about accessible, affordable Altus Business Credit Reports. For even more insight, request a sample business credit report from Altus Global Trade Solutions today.